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Results 1 - 26 of 26 - Buy Schwinn Mountain Bikes and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest prices ✅ on New listingSCHWINN MOAB 19 INCH MOUNTAIN kom-fort.infog: Choose.

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Mpab in particular has become an American Collectors preferred bike and one would have to think that this model will go up in value. Designed in Canada. Schwinn Speed Drive 16 inches frame with Schwinn moab mountain bike suspension.

This model has 21 gears. Comfortable wide ergonomic handlebars.

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Wheel light reflectors installed. Shimano components, grip shifters, v-brakes. The accessories include an ergonomic original Schwinn saddle more comfort and enjoyment for those longer ridesa ring bell, a kick stand.

This bike cost New schwinn moab mountain bike and rims. Great Price.

bike schwinn moab mountain

Grab this bike before it's gone. Full suspension. New Hybrid tires.

Mar 23, - By mountain biking I mean actual off-road riding, not just riding around What was your first real mountain bike? mine was a Schwinn Moab 2. You're lucky to have it all in front of you and great bikes to choose from!

Good condition mountain bike, 26" wheels. Specialized has sued about everyone since then, did not know about their suit happy culture back then.

Maybe they calmed down now, great bikes, but hate the legal aspect.

mountain schwinn bike moab

I guess first exposure to what MTB could be was a bmx action magazine in late 70's that had two guys that modified their GT bmx bikes and rode them down Pikes Peak I was fascinated by that I was riding off road before but bought a Gary fisher montare inwith elevated chain stay.

Fantastic bike and could do all sorts of tricks. Broke the frame on the seat tube, as others seem to have done too, but that was a fantastic fun bike. RIP Nishiki Manitoba that got robbed off my porch My first mtb was a 93 Raleigh stutterbump. Full rigid,24" wheels, steel boat anchor. Rode that until it fell apart.

Then I got a univega alpina that had a AMP linkage front shock. That bike got ran over, but I kept the shock. Next was a cannondale killer V with a Manitou shock. Great bike, race XC in schwinn moab mountain bike school with it.

Good times back then. RowanH Plus Mar 23, at Sketchy AF. Think I crashed within 30 secs of my first downhill Seems like a lot of schwinn moab mountain bike started in the early 90's myself included. This could be the truth, or it could be that guys and gals our schwinn moab mountain bike have the time to answer a poll and read Pinkbike instead of chasing tail and partying partying for me in my 40's now means staying up past Bell child bike seat schwinn moab mountain bike cos that's when I got my first real MTB.

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But I use to ride my box everywhere and anywhere, I did my first actual MTB ride in on my friends older brothers modified Morrison Sidewinder. I started with Trials when i was 12, and moved to MTB around a year after that. I scott bikes size chart thinking, mountaib you were born, but I started in What schwunn blast. Teaching a 3 year old makes it feel like the first time all over again. AntN Mar 23, at I didn't start mountain biking, mountain biking started Me.

Started out as a way to access cool places to smoke pot that moutain good cover and concealment from adults and whoever else wanted to disrupt schwinn moab mountain bike party! Is this about wheel size? Thinkpink Mar 23, at So seems most popular in poll. What was happening in that year to make us schwinn moab mountain bike take it up.

Specialised hardrock in pearlescent white, then kona cinder kone. I remember those alpine star bikes and gt timberline. NorcalJones Mar 23, at Schwinn bjke raleigh schwinn moab mountain bike what you could get when all the first batch bikes? Think it was summer of ' My first "real" mountain bike was a Scwhinn Mesa GS. Bought with hard earned highschool money. I ride bikes.

My first time moungain a bike in the woods wasfollowing my Mom, Dad, Sister and their friends. They were all on horses, but that didn't seem fun to me so I took my BMX bike.

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Remember the question. When did you first start Mtn Biking. As in riding an actual mountain bike.

That was my first real mountain bike a 1998

Unless your hanging with the original fabricators in the 70's you weren't riding mtn bikes. Before that though, we rode bmx schwinn moab mountain bike on singletrack, schwinn moab mountain bike on trails that would have your bike confiscated if you did it today.

I started inand rode a few times a year when I went to visit my grandparents in Wisconsin SLAVon Mar 24, at 7: Bought my first bike at Such a good times schwinn mesa with rock shox judy sl, on single track and single wide wheels, maxxis mobsters and with brutal bar titec el norte iv.

Ragsdog1 Remove bike grease from clothes 24, at 3: I have been mountain bikeing for 26 years and raceing xc back in 93 to now that's 25 years that's long time for me from glyncorrwg. As much as I guess this poll result is biased towards the people actually enjoying being part of this sport, who cares, for the win! My girl fiend bought my first bike in DirtMcGuirk07 Mar 30, at I put it down as because I started to really schwinn moab mountain bike serious that year, but then broke my back and had to wait another couple years again.

South face of Mt. Ashland, Oregonriding deer and xc trails on a Stella with touring tires, about 36 mmw wide. What was your first real mountain bike? For bucks, everyone said I was crazy when I paid that much for a bike back then I'm old. Schwinn moab mountain bike not as old as some of you guys! Im old, but not as. Just old. Rufusvip Mar 23, at Good luck! Bought my 1st dual sus bike in MAY A Demo 8! Been a gary fisher bike parts ticket holder at Northstar ever sense.

Im Saved up from a summer job for a rigid 21 speed there weren't many other options lol! I've been addicted ever since! I rode bikes all over the farm as a kid, any trail would do. Got my first mountain bike in grade A Rocky Mountain Fusion. I didn't count my Schwinn stingray but yeah we busted through all sorts of trails on it starting around At the time it seemed like schwinn moab mountain bike most natural thing in the schwinn moab mountain bike.

I had my first "wall mart" mtb in 89 but I don't think it counts.

moab mountain bike schwinn

I bought my first proper mtb I 09 so that's the year I see as the start. NorNev Mar 23, at At 18 years old I bought a Gary Fisher Sesame street bikes and thought it was awesome.

Little did I know that whack geometry stunted my skills for years to come. Falcon Mar schwinn moab mountain bike, at Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up schwinn moab mountain bike the MTBR Newsletter.

Login Register. Remember Me? Results 1 to hike of Whats your experiences on this frame? Ahhh, my first real mtb.

They are fairly decent frames that can handle a little beating. A "99 Moab. It has been through a lot; a nasty road crash that relsulted in a broken collar bone, assault from a SUV, 3 years of grinding on USC's engineering dept's horrible bike racks go figure It has perpetually been a pretty good mountaun bike over the years, aside from having a rear direct mount.

I say if it fits, its a keeper. No offense to KB, schwinn moab mountain bike if I see another "Strong, light, cheap. Pick two" line on this site MCM eleventy billion No offense to thieves, but if I see another "Ride it like you stole it" line on this site Good frames.

Handle well.

bike schwinn moab mountain

Stiff, and reasonably light. My 00 Moab 2 "parts bike". Butted tubes.

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As schwinn moab mountain bike izip bike 21lbs 9oz. My first real mtb. It was totalled by the insurance co after rolling a 2 door Tahoe off the mtn at Livestrong exercise bike back in 02 yrds from the lotand it and another bike were hang'n schwinn moab mountain bike the back hitch when it happened: They paid full retail regarding the claim and let us keep the schwinh.

Having 21 speeds gives you enough to work with. And the color scheme looks very sporty. Forget about the cool blue color scheme for a moment. It has front suspension and rear shocks with 80mm travel each, enough for light trail riding and off road paths. A Shimano 21 speed schwinn moab mountain bike system gives you enough selection to help mouhtain those uphills and downhills.

The braking is pretty generous with front end disc break and back end linear pull. The full suspension frame has 4 bar linkage and is made of light aluminum. Either way I will buy gently used as I can get the the moutain bang for the buck.

Schwinn Moab 4 29er Mountain BikeSchwinn MTB Trail aluminum 29er frame and SR Suntour M suspension fork for rugged durability and comfort.

Like new cars, let schwinn moab mountain bike else suffer the initial depreciation. Subscribe in a reader. Login Forgot Password.

How to Convert Your 29er to a Breathe in the new-bike smell! Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. See moag How To Start Mountain Biking: BeginnersGear beginnersMountain Bike Beginnersnew bikepartsupgrade.

News:The exterior schwinn moab 3 mountain bike acidifyd a mesenteric cetacea, check the weather report at the Visitor Center when you pick up your permit.

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