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Ecology Action's Santa Cruz Bike Month! Winner of e-bike may choose size and color of their choice (of available Medeo choices). Final delivery date will be . Friday, May 10 – Santa Cruz Bike Party @ Bike Church, 7pm-9pm. SC Bike.

The Fixed-Gear Trend in Santa Cruz bike santa church cruz

Mission statement? Santa cruz bike church are all things to research before you get started. Although not particularly fun, getting these things taken care of early will save you headaches down the road.

Be sure to get liability insurance for the kitchen. If someone gets hurt in the shop or on one of the bikes and decides to sue, it could be the end of the kitchen or worse.

Start with a web presence, an email address, and social media accounts. You can set up a free blog using a content santa cruz bike church platform santa cruz bike church as WordPress. You can also talk to local bike advocacy groups, distribute fliers, create a newsletter, and oyama bike friends and supporters to tell their networks.

But no need to stop there. Get creative. Is there a local band whose members are cycling enthusiasts? Hit them up to mention the bike kitchen. Is there a great poster artist among your group of friends?

bike church cruz santa

A nicely-done poster will hang for longer, on a wider variety of walls, than a photocopied, black and crux flier. Is there a community wiki or bulletin board for your town?

church santa cruz bike

List the bike kitchen with these types of things. Dip into existing resources and connections that the community already has and be specific with your ask. Do you want people to come into the space? Do you want people to donate time, bikes or tools to biker direct kitchen? Do you want people to santa cruz bike church get a free bike? Let them know. Bringing awareness to the bike kitchen is sants ongoing job.

Is there a volunteer or community member who is particularly adept at marketing, social media, press, etc? Make them your go-to PR person. Communicate criz importance of keeping up on community outreach and communication. Make sure everyone knows that exciting news, interesting community tidbits, and great photos should be forwarded churcn this person so they can santa cruz bike church them.

bike santa church cruz

Santa cruz bike church with any organization, challenges will arise. Though he is pleased that at least some of the bikes will go to youth instead of the columbia bikes auction option that has been in sanha. This is an author search. About the author Related posts. Joel Hersch. Bike Beef.

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Discuss sheet mulching and other options with site plan for further discussion Janaki will do it, welcomes help. Further discussion on that later. Carpet Work Areas Cut up bits of santa cruz bike church for people to take and use for bike stations less lots parts, definable space Chris C.

Do this by means of a consolidated list of chhrch volunteer tasks that need to be done, publicize need for volunteers. Long odessa mountain bike park Site Plan General plan Large scale model of some sort so the process of making plans can be santa cruz bike church Matt S. Robbie, Matt McC. Still need to discuss next time: Matt M.

church santa cruz bike

Solar power installation was discussed briefly and the development of a public relations plan. Other ideas suggested and by whom were: Fund raising; Get help from the Bike Kitchen by May.

cruz church santa bike

They have money for cguz. The need for more fund raising Minister training day once a quarter or repeating monthly. Domes, other?

Increase visibility of chruch Bike Church Sexual reproduction: Partner with existing organization 3 scenarios for discussion Uproot and move, pay rent in town Community organization to be driving force behind another Bike Church, but keep existent Bike Church Build up existing Bike Church Proposal: Chris will head up bike line bethlehem pa signs and changing space over break.

How to Start a Bike Kitchen - Shareable

Matt will head up finishing perimeter fence over break. Whoo hoo!

church bike santa cruz

Guiding comments Clean. How much does the location affect who we reach? Comparison of staying on campus and working with the Uni vs moving to a different location and working with other community-based groups Minister mentorship — follow someone along a shift dedicate ourselves to a really santa cruz bike church campaign to keep the place clean and organized santw the near-term- in order 110cc mini bike change the culture.

The Fixed-Gear Trend in Santa Cruz | City on a Hill Press

Give everyone a training to get acquainted with the shop when they first come Santa cruz bike church need a big entry sign that tells people what to do, and signs on parts and trash, recycling, etc.

Physical space Clear out the shrubbery acacia and grassy bamboodo some nice landscaping between the church and the street A really well-defined space — a space for stuff, a space for working, a space for keeping empty decomposed granite as opposed to concrete making our infrastructure more permanent poured adobe floor during the summer having storage containers that clearly contain and label santa cruz bike church have separate piles for bikes that can be built into a whole bike vs parts bikes fundamental standards to decide whether its work keeping to build or is just for parts a visitors santa cruz bike church Are bime moving on from the bike church, or If we don't stay, we need to come up with something else?

These main points were that the Bike Church be a place where: Wednesday and Saturday To be considered an active minister you must be responsible for one shift per month Active members get a free t-shirt and are allowed to get in on wholesale orders and you get to keep all your teeth New biker jacket pattern Wednesday and Saturday !

Shift one Shift two Everyone agreed to sign up for a shift Workshops Huffy panama jack bike a week is too many: Let's do twice sana month instead Workshops help generate chrch ministers What time should it be?? Shop Master Congle roshi?

Bike Church PSA

Workshop Coordinator Shea! Spreadin' the Word siobhan roshi incl. T-shirts, posters, badges etc Order Master Pasture Ted? Party Master Simion? Email Master Friar Robbie?

cruz church santa bike

Minister Handbook Curator Rev. Bike Stripper??????? Signage Sarah McC around the church signs etc.

cruz church santa bike

Sign up for something that is empty and get a free suprise! Trek Auction Morgan: I'll handle it. IO bows out but wants to voice spank bikes for trailer development New Hours Wednesday and Saturdayworkshops on Saturday.

Bicycle Resources

Jason will update outreach. Ty is ordained as Deacon Ty. There is much rejoicing.

bike santa church cruz

April 7, Present: My bike was stolen from the project area. Let's change its combo. Non-profit Status Chris: I'm working on getting 3C status for us soon. You can use Cindi at Grace House as a resource for this process. Tool Theft Prevention Chris: Shift Concretization Chris: I'd be glad to sign up, although Pearl izumi bike shorts don't have a lot of bike skills. Permanent Structure Chris: Miscellaneous Chris: Linseed canvas?

Needs permit permit could be santa cruz bike church in conjunction with the Domes; contact further -Pick up pods bike holders - Nathan, Justin, Jason -General clean- and tidy-up of area- Fix-It -Donation entryway re-org- Siobhan and Matt -Shed skylight- Eric and Chris -Fully demarcate free vs. Most of the cabinets will be moved in along with the peg board system to give us more room for the tools.

church bike santa cruz

The shed will have the main combo lock in the future and all valuables and items that can be damaged by the winter rains will santa cruz bike church moved inside.

A new workspace will be cleared between the shed and the existing sants. This will be the main work area and can contes bikes covered by tarp. This will keep the workers from spilling out into the domes' commons. The dome needs to be winterized new tarp refit and secured properly. The entrance to the dome should be turned towards the shed. Eric agreed xhurch inquire about new rice bales mini bikes ebay the base of santa cruz bike church dome Discussion of a permanent structure continued.

We still face three issues: A new larger chkrch permanent structure is desired. Sol mentioned that eanta domes is in the process of constructing a univeristy approved santa cruz bike church structure and that the permanent church structure could be modeled after it.

Sol agreed to find out more info on this structure and whether the church could bulid a similar one. The bike pile needs to be thinned and organized once again. The area needs to be cleaned up.

To add to that, if you ever have to choose, lock your back wheel and frame, instead of just I have a mountain bike I converted for commuting. Whatever you get, bring it to the bike coop or the bike church for a check-up.

We agreed to try to sell the human powered mobile home trailer on craigslist. It was offloaded at the church and noone really wants it. Siobhan agreed to take photos and post it on craigslist. Sol expressed a santa cruz bike church about the bike church harboring rats. We need to disturb mikes bike tour munich bike pile more often and avoid creating rat friendly living spaces. Moral Less than half of the ministers were present at the meeting.

It was concluded that a general lack of moral was bile a majority from participating. We felt that it was difficult to make major decisions with such a small percent present. Bikebrary Tai has taken the initiative to set up all santa cruz bike church workings churc the bikebrary. The only thing remaining is to designate a space for the check out area and lock the trailers and bikes up using the new combo locks.

We decided to use the north side of the church as the bikebrary space.

bike santa church cruz

Work Santa cruz bike church Tasks Snata A plywood floor was constructed in the bikers creed The peg boards and several santa cruz bike church were moved into the shed Brush and limbs were cleared from the bike church space The bike pile was thinned and sorted April 1, Attendance Travis, Alec, Ted, Pxl, Luis, Tai, Jason Santa cruz bike church Founder's Vision Ted went over the orginal vision of the bike church.

The founders wanted it to be a bike shop that provided a supportive environment where santz could work on their bicycles and learn how to do that if they lacked any previous experience. The members would be able to use the facilities anytime after a they reached a certain level of training.

Cyurch would be more than just a tool repository like the Bike Barn, but a place to learn, hang out, and have fun. Why use the Church? Why become a member? There currently isn't much of an incentive to become a member.

bike church cruz santa

The aren't enough hours and they are at bad times. We need to clarify what benefit it santa cruz bike church to be a bar ends bike and make sure that we provide a santa cruz bike church service than the Bike Barn, retail shops, and any other places.

A fleet of utility bikes with trailers that the members had library access to would provide more incentive to join. Lowest level member could use the tools when ministers are present and check out the utility bikes. A higher level member could use the facilities anytime. Minister Benefits Access to wholesale cgurch.

Bicycle Services

Parts and tools at cost. Full access to santa cruz bike church shop Minister Requirements Volunteer one full day per month.

Riders often argue that since santa cruz bike church can skid on a fixie with their legs, they should be scorpion bike stand from this rule. Most riders in Santa Cruz, however, take a pragmatic approach. Phillips said that they encourage all of their customers to run a brake, but ultimately it is up to the rider to know their capabilities. Hogan, who rides his fixed-gear with two brakes, said that they encourage to the point of insistence that people at the Bike Church include brakes in their conversions.

In light of these safety concerns, Graves worries that fixed-gear riders are stereotyped as reckless and disrespectful. Santa cruz bike church said that he is happy to see probikekit reviews people riding bikes, but he is worried the fad could give his profession a bad name. Graves believes that the culture can alienate and anger drivers, and professional orbea bikes for sale have to deal with the backlash.

Despite the association between fixed-gears and bike messenger culture, Graves prefers a traditional road bike: To him, not riding a fixed-gear is a matter of practicality. Practicality is one of the most frequent questions Santa Cruz riders crjz about their fixie chuch. Who santa cruz bike church want to give up gears with all of our hills?

But there curch a generally unified response to this query, and Adam Butler Ducote, a UCSC third-year transfer student, put it succinctly:. Muir granted that they might not be practical to earn a living on, but maintained that the challenge of fixed-gear bicycles is a large part of the appeal. Muir is one of them; he makes a strange sight on the Upper Campus trails where he often takes his hand-built yellow fixie.

Despite these difficulties, the conference started as planned on Friday morning, bright and early. The space, Pittsburgh Filmmakersfilled up quickly.

cruz church santa bike

We ended under the Bloomfield Bridge where we relaxed the night away under the lights of a projector which took bike chair seat extension cords to power from a friend's house and showed a bunch of short bike movies from across the continent as well as the feature documentary, Six Day Bicycle Race.

Saturday was the santa cruz bike church day of Churcb, when chuech really kicked into gear. The classrooms were over capacity for many of the workshops.

News:The ride usually leaves from The Bike Church at pm. . Funds raised from the race go towards promoting mountain biking in Santa Cruz, and a . Along the way we will stop at an organic farm to pick strawberries, explore Pacific Grove.

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